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Jack, Year 5

I enjoy PE at Meadowbrook a lot because Miss Benjamin, the sports coach, is really good. She has been teaching us. We have done rounders and Future Stars come in. They do multi-skills. 

I like the teachers. They always help you when you are in need of help.

I am passionate about getting better. In Mathematics if there is a question and it is quite challenging I still do my best. My teacher helps me make effort by giving us options, challenge, one, two and three. I pick the one that is not impossible but is a challenge. The teachers look at your work and give you next steps.

At Meadowbrook you make friends easily. If you come to Meadowbrook there will be people that like you in all of the year groups.

I have enjoyed using the iPad in Year 5 and it has helped me to do research which I really enjoy.

This year I am a Sports Captain. They help with the sports in the school. I help with games, the festivals and with the sports days. We set the obstacles up and got everybody to the starting lines. There will be more responsibility in Year 6. Outside school I love sport. I do cricket, football, taekwondo, swimming and my mum sets up some netball which I do. I used to do hockey but that clashed with football. I like helping Mum and Dad doing things like recycling. I sort the box into its places. My ambition is to be what my mum is now, an engineer. I am most interested in cars and motoring.






Mackenzie, Year 5

At Meadowbrook the teachers are friendly and I always look forward to seeing my friends. My highlight in a day is seeing my little sister in reception on the playground. I am passionate about my handwriting. The teacher tells me I should practice it and I am very focused on it. I like seeing how I can improve. My next step in my writing is to try to use exciting words instead of ‘said’ like ‘exclaimed’. 

Meadowbrook is a good community. Everybody is really friendly. To help me make an effort they don’t push me as such but they really try to help me to develop. My teacher has been helping me with my confidence. He has picked me when I raise my hand.

When I pick the first challenge my teacher may say “Mackenzie, I think you could do a more difficult challenge.” I do School Council. We try to help the school be a better place. I have helped to make sure there is no bullying in school. We tried to help children not to hide secrets. We helped people with their confidence so they could stand up to bullies. I was a Learning Detective. The school asked me to see the lessons and I reported back on what the children were learning. The children were getting on with it. Outside school I am really interested in reading. I enjoy David Walliams and Roald Dahl books. I go to the library. I sit there and read for a few hours. I take out at least two books. I do kick boxing and I am 5 belts away from a black. I am currently a yellow belt. Whenever I go to the park I make a new friend. My ambition is to be a better sister to my sister.




Anish, Year 2

Meadowbrook is a fun learning community. I most like learning and the fun activities we do. I enjoy making art about animals.  I like Mathematics and English. In Mathematics we do some problems. We sometimes do column addition, multiplication and division to find out the answers to the questions. I am passionate about writing because it is really creative and it pushes you to do something like that. It is imaginative. I enjoyed doing non-fiction, I wrote a persuasive text persuading people to come to Tanzania. I am passionate about learning new sports. Outside school I play cricket in my ground. I play with other families and my Dad who loves cricket. In Year 2 we learnt netball. I enjoyed it.

I put in my concentration and I think logically. The school helps me with that. I have been a book monitor in my class. My ambition is to become a business leader. I want to run a story business. If you come to Meadowbrook you will enjoy playing and learning stuff.








Rhiannon, Year 2

At Meadowbrook I enjoy writing. I am able to write two whole pages in an hour. I put in adjectives and rhetorical questions.  I enjoy mathematics. I get really hard maths. I have had to do really hard division problems. I use column methods and the bus stop method.

I enjoy science. We learnt about volcanoes and ours had the extra bit that made a lot of foam when it erupted.

I am passionate about playing in the playground. I play with the equipment like the wooden equipment on the grass. You can climb across bars and go onto nets.  Meadowbrook is a really good community. People do good stuff for the school. If people accidently hurt some else they say sorry and help them up. At Meadowbrook people really encourage you. My ambition is to get my 100m swimming badge. I have my 50m, 25m, 10m, 5m and loads of little Ducking awards from when I was little. When I am older I want to be an athlete. I want to do pole vaulting and sprinting. Outside school I like Scooby Do and playing on my tablet. I like Candy Crush. I have got up to level 19 but I can’t get past it. There is a challenge there.